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Jardin de Rosa

Garden of Roses

Jardin de Rosa - The Garden of Roses
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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to Jardin de Rosa - The Garden of Roses.

This is a marimite writing challenge community that is run by your friendly moderators Rosa Lutea & Rosa Alba @ sakuraflower and opalsnow

Feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions.

Challenges will be posted weekly on a Tuesday, alternately by myself and Rosa Alba.
A word limit, topic and any other information will be set out for you.

You should set your posts to this community as such:

Your Story Name:
Challenge Name:
Word Count:
Spoilers/Further Information:

Then post your story here (under a cut is preferable - if you don't know how to do this, please feel free to ask :))

Also if you have any ideas for challenges that you would like to see posted, let us know! We are welcome to any ideas!

For further information on Marimite/mariasama ga miteru, please visit soeur_system and gardenofmaidens.