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20 March 2006 @ 07:12 pm
I am me - drill  
Challenge:  I am Me
Word Count:  100 exactly
Set by: Rosa Lutea
Story Name: Drill.
Warnings: none.
Characters:  Touko

Sei calls me drill.

Sachiko calls me cousin.

But what I really want to be called is sister.  People mistake my intent on having fun as immaturity.  My mischief is my fun, and if that makes me immature, then I suppose that I am.  At times I am brash, unforgiving, nosey and scandalous.

At times I am gently, loving, caring and compassionate.

Perhaps all this comes with age?  And perhaps they forget I am younger than the rest of them are.  But I won’t be for long, and perhaps they will regret it when I grow up, and become boring.
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