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07 September 2006 @ 02:13 pm

Hi Everyone!


As an affiliate of this community I'd just again like to invite you all to ___guiding_star

If you are between the ages of 12 and 17 You will instantly become one of the most popular people in the community!!! (as I'll explain)

___guiding_star is a community where you can meet new people and join an online 'family' which is named after star constellations.  There are four people to each family, and we have a whole load of fun!!!

At the moment we have a lot of girls who are 18 years old and started their own families...but not enough younger girls for them to ask to join their families!!!!! HENCE the reason why if you joined and applied you would be instantly the most popular girl!! LOL

Anyhow, as I said this is just a quick note to invite you all personally to check us out at ___guiding_star , we'd love to see you over there.  You'll find the majority of people there have an interest in anime like cardcaptor sakura, Air, mariasama ga miteru as well as other things as well :)


aka Star Draco.

27 April 2006 @ 11:33 pm

From long ago, I remember..the days we used to spend. Days spent together..dancing to the beats of our hearts' content. I remember all of your smiles and the beauty that you possess. Your lonely heart cried out to me..even if I was not the best. I doubted myself at every turn. My feelings still dance across my face. I adored you from afar..your long black hair swirling around your face. Your refinement and elegance scared me, but they attracted me nonetheless.

Every moonlit night, I see your figure over me.. standing patiently and softly asking if I'll accept your rosary. I stll remember that starry night and all the ones thereafter. I remember all the tears we've wept as well as all our laughter. I remember all the times you were there..patiently guiding me. I remember all of the nights we shared..dancing underneath the stars and trees. I remember your warm strong hugs and each passionate heart-filled kiss. I remember all my times with you..so scared that I would somehow miss..a smile..or words or time with you..or anything that you were doing. The first time I stayed overnight with you..a night spent fulfilling my confession. I remember the taste of our first kiss..all the places our fingers felt. I remember your hugs and kisses as I snuggled against your chest. Its milky white skin inviting..inviting my head to rest...

With all my precious feelings, I give undying love to you. Eternity slowly ticks on and on, but I only want to be with you. I frantically pray you understand.. see my fragile heart as well. Because, I am happily caught, my Onee-sama..caught by your wondrous spell...

Forever Yours,
Rosa Chinensis en Bouton Petite Soeur

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Current Mood: creativecreative
20 April 2006 @ 04:33 pm

Check it out.
20 March 2006 @ 04:51 pm
Challenge: I am Me
Set by: Rosa Lutea
Characters: Noriko, Shimako
Story Nam: Contemplation

I was worried for her.

I knew she was adjusting, trying not to show how different she felt. She says my presence is enough, but I wish to do more.

She was kind, helpful, and she understood me better than anyone.

But does she enjoy being part of the Yamiyurikai? Is this a burden I place on her?

My petite soeur, she was a blessing, I was proud of her. But would she be proud of me, like I was proud of onee-sama?

But I knew that, whatever she thought of me, I would never let go of her hand. She was mine, and I'll do everything to keep her.

Comments: I think..yeah, my first time writing here XD This piece is a bit off, but it shows Noriko and Shimako's personalities at the same time, so i hope it's okay ^.^
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20 March 2006 @ 07:32 pm
Challenge:  I am Me
Set by: Rosa Lutea
Story Name: A poem
Warnings: none.
Characters:  Sachiko

Hair of black, and beauty sleek

Mild mannered, but not so meek


Serious, careful, always wary

Moods and emotions always vary


Trying to maintain her lofty air

All of Lillian stop to stare


For it’s she who holds her head up high

Even if tears should cloud her eye


Walking carefully and proudly is a must

Even if she stops, and a scarf she adjusts


The whispers, scandal, who is she?

The scarves little owner, who can it be?


And then the whispers cease in the aftermath

When Sachiko walks up the garden path.
20 March 2006 @ 07:18 pm
Challenge:  I am Me
Word Count:  100 exactly
Set by: Rosa Lutea
Story Name: Illusions
Warnings: none.
Characters:  Yoshino

Long dark plaits.

Is that what defines me?  Because sometimes I think that is the truth, and people don’t look beyond the cuteness and quietness of my being.  Which, on reflection is an illusion in itself.  If only…if only…I could jump and run and skip like the rest of them, perhaps then people would see the real me.

It exasperates me to the point of tears, and yet I cannot turn to my Oneesama, my dear Rei because she does not understand.  She wants to hold my hand, but I don’t wish to be dragged.  I want to walk alone.
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20 March 2006 @ 07:12 pm
Challenge:  I am Me
Word Count:  100 exactly
Set by: Rosa Lutea
Story Name: Drill.
Warnings: none.
Characters:  Touko

Sei calls me drill.

Sachiko calls me cousin.

But what I really want to be called is sister.  People mistake my intent on having fun as immaturity.  My mischief is my fun, and if that makes me immature, then I suppose that I am.  At times I am brash, unforgiving, nosey and scandalous.

At times I am gently, loving, caring and compassionate.

Perhaps all this comes with age?  And perhaps they forget I am younger than the rest of them are.  But I won’t be for long, and perhaps they will regret it when I grow up, and become boring.
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20 March 2006 @ 07:10 pm
Challenge: I am Me.

Words: You must have 100 words exactly. EXACTLY.

Choose a character and write a creative piece of work...a DESCRIPTIVE piece of work describing their personality and/or what they look like.

Good luck.

~Rosa Lutea~
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16 March 2006 @ 09:41 am
TITLE: "This is not like you"
RATING: Work-safe, granny's-safe, wherever-safe
AUTHOR COMMENTS: The second drabble I write in my whole life, and first in English. Don't shoot me. And no, I don't own a car for you to pierce its tires or scratch its bodywork with your keys. Sorry to dissappoint you.

This is not like youCollapse )
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08 March 2006 @ 11:11 am
Another one.

Challenge: Who Am I?
Set By: Rosa Lutea
Word Count: 100 exactly
Guess who the three people are that I'm referring to.



Who does she think she is?
Her sister or something?
She isn’t of the family blood…I am, therefore, more of a sister to her than she is.
I should be her petite soeur.
Why didn’t she wait for me to start my first year? Really, she could have waited. It wouldn’t have harmed the roses, and if it weren’t for a stupid bet then I’m willing to wage that she still wouldn’t have a petite soeur, and could have chosen me.
And I know she would have without a doubt.
I am, after all, family.